Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to you - Larry and Emily

Dear Blog,

Today Etsy Dallas celebrates two birthdays: Larry/KesslerCraftman and Emily/Backbone.

Here are my favorites from their shops:

Let's sing Happy Birthday to them and give them some clicks!



Maus and Kiwi

Dear Blog,

Wow, I cannot believe how bad I am. It has been almost a month since last time I wrote you. Well, during this time lots of things happened. Maus and Kiwi took a road trip around the US and they were so confused that came back to Texas instead of going to California. I set them straight , when they finally arrived apparently they were talking with a New York accent. That is what I was told.

In the meanwhile, Baxter was more obedient and he went to Michigan , when he got there he emailed me because he needed some baby crocs, so those are in their way to him.

I need to write about the birthdays so I'm out of here.