Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My First Showcase

Dear Blog,

This week, I decided to do a little experiment and I bought a spot on the Fall Fashion Showcase.

Overall the experience was great, so here is the recap:

- My shop got over 1000 views when my average is around 300 in a good day.
- People were giving me hearts right and left
- I made 4 sales
- I got contacted about my items and some of those contacts will be sales before the end of week.
- Very good money maker

I consider $15.00 put to a very good use, it allows to get out there.

Now, I was very reluctant to do it, I though that it will not work because I had been in the forum reading about how bad showcases were and people moaning and wailing about this. So last night, I started to try to analyze why it was such a good thing for me and so bad for others. So here is my word of wisdom:

- The pictures of your items in the showcase have to be good otherwise people will not be clicking there. I had been around and some people have pictures that you do not even know what the item is.

- The items that you are showcasing should be between $20 and $30. I do not think if you put a very expensive or very cheap item, people will feel invited.

- Once they get to your shop , you need to have a neat shop meaning: profile, nice announcement, shop policies, variety of products and price points. Basically all the things that you know about pimping the store.

- Choose the right showcase to buy. Here you will need to do some legwork about where your items may be look at.

- Choose the day of the week wisely, I based my decision according to the traffic on my shop and my own shopping habits. So Tuesdays seem a good day for me.

This is so far what a kind of know now. I'm getting another spot next Tuesday.

Stay tuned!!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

CastleArt - Feedback

Dear Blog,

Last week during a Virtual Lab, Lisa from Castleart, asked for honest feedback. So I convoed her, we made arrangements and she mailed me the prints. Well, the package just arrived so here is my part of the deal: give her my honest feedback.

Here we go........................

1. The package:

I absolutely loved the drawings!!!! They gave the outside of the package some character.

2. Package is opened

What it caught my attention was the business card. I loved it as well!

3. The goodies ......... that is what we are waiting for :)

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WOW - I loved all - Very nice detail signing the back of the prints!
Overall A+++++
I will make only one suggestion: I will add another layer of cardboard to the package, I know it will add weight to the package so more shipping $$$ but the package might get damaged if traveling a longer distance.
Keep up your great job , Castleart!
See you next time!